The Offering

TEAM PMP is experienced, talented, creative and capable. Our menu of capabilities is comprehensive, and you can call on us to tailor them to meet the scope, scale and detail of your needs.


- Consultation

We help to create the big picture of your program, determining what your categories and entry requirements will be and how the competition will be structured. This is the foundation for everything that follows, and our experience pays off for you at this important starting place.


- Administration Of Entry Process

TEAM PMP takes on the big jobs so you don’t have to do them and your volunteers are not over extended. This process includes accepting entries, answering questions, and providing sample materials to entrants.


- Judging Process

You want qualified judges from outside the area and we have the right connections to find and secure them. We do it for you, avoiding any possible conflicts of interest and looking after judges start to finish.

  • Industry professionals are selected for their expertise in the design, construction, and marketing of new housing and will have no affiliation in any manner with any companies that are represented with entries in the Awards competition. All judges will be approved by the Chairs prior to invitation.
  • Then TEAM PMP handles invitation and confirmation of judges. We coordinate hotel, meals and ground transportation. We also coordinate the set-up of all necessary audio-visual equipment for the judging event.
  • TEAM PMP applies experience, finesse and professionalism to conduct and direct the judging of the entries and the tabulations of the judges’ ballots.
  • Following the judging event, PMP produces a complete finalists list, winners list, and prepares all materials for the production of the show/event.


- Awards Logo & Graphics

TEAM PMP commissions a customized awards event logo and graphics package that includes logo, graphic thematic look, the call for entries package, and coordination with your organizations communications group


- Sponsorship Consultant

Let us help to gain sponsorship for the event by consulting on and soliciting sponsorships at several levels, giving sponsors the opportunity to participate in supporting the awards and gain recognition for their contributions.


- Entry Rollover Program

This highly desirable new capability enables TEAM PMP to provide direct Entry Rollover from our associated awards competitions. This is an amazing opportunity to your entrants to submit to materials once, and only pay the fees to the additional programs. THERE IS NO COST TO THE HOSTING ORGANIZATION.


- Production & Direction Of Awards Event

  • Awards Production – TEAM PMP creates an Awards Production that reflects your organization’s style. From awesome or formal to entertaining and relaxed, the entire production is customized to your tastes for the awards presentation featuring all finalists and winners.
  • Awards Coordination – We are adept at coordinating the proper engraving of all trophies and having them delivered to event, plus setting up and assuring they are available in order of presentation throughout the ceremony.
  • Seating And Ticket Distribution – TEAM PMP coordinates seating and ticket distribution to all attendees via a cycle of timely emails and follow up.


- It’s Show Time!

  • Show Day – It’s a busy day for you so TEAM PMP takes on coordination with venue, specifications and operations of AV required, the rehearsal, and operation of computers for graphics and music so the program runs smoothly and professionally
  • Production Announcements — We coordinate all announcements that keep the program running on time and on topic. This includes: Welcome to the Awards, Please be seated – dinner is served, The Awards will begin in 15 minutes, Thank you Sponsors, Your Host for ….. Etc.
  • Customized Sponsors Recognition Module – TEAM PMP creates a video format recognition module using all sponsor images and logos, set to music